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Getting Off the Rollercoaster Ride

TeensAmber had her first baby at the age of 18. She left home and started living with the child's father. He would hit her, and her life seemed like a nightmare she could never get out of. He would come and go as he pleased never thinking about their baby. As time passed, Amber moved back in with her parents. Two years later she had another baby. This time she left to live on her own. Who knows how long her girls had to go without food because she would work, and he would steal her money. Her life was a rollercoaster with no ending.

After ten years she had her life on track. She is now 32 years old, with four children. Her life is finally straightened out. She realized that her children come before anything. She lives in her own house, has her own car, and has a full time job. Life did not start out on the right foot, but after the years she has learned her kids come first.

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