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This is the type of Girl-Power we don't need!

It's bad enough that the AIDS epidemic is spreading faster among people under 24 than in any other age group. But the AIDS increase is among the highest for female adolescents. (Youth Law News, May-June 1995)

TeensIn 1996, more than 10,000 girls in Georgia ages 10 to 17 became pregnant; over 800 of these were under 15 years old. (DHR Division of Public Health)

Every other person you know is probably abstinent.
Although most people think that everyone else is doing it, the reality is that 40% of all UCLA undergraduates have never had sexual intercourse, and for those under 21, the number is closer to 50 percent. So if you've heard the rumor that "it's abnormal to abstain," don't believe it!

Chances are you know someone with an STD.
Every year more than 12 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases are reported in the United States. At least 3 million among them are from teenagers. It is estimated that 1 out of 4 people between the ages of 15 and 50 will get an STD during their lifetime.

Looks are deceiving.
You cannot tell if a person has a STD from just looking at him or her, even if they are naked. But STD's are the most common diseases in America next to the common cold and the flu. (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)

You have more than your parents ever had.
20 to 30 years ago there were only 2 prevalent STDs: syphilis and gonorrea. Today, there are approximately 25 STDs. A few can be fatal. 12 million Americans are newly infected with STDs each year. Of these new infections, 63% involve people less than 25 years old.

Half of all sexually active young women end up contracting HPV. 20% eventually recover, but 80% are afflicted the rest of their lives. [CT, Hatcher et al, 1994]

AIDS is the 6th leading cause of death among young men and women. [CT, Hatcher et al, 1994]

Safe Sex Isn't.
For persons under the age of 18, condoms were found to fail 18.4% of the time. [LM Dinerman et al, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Med, 149(9):967-72, Sept 1995.]

Among sexually active teenage girls between ages 12 to 18, 30% contracted of an STD over a 6 month period, including condom users. [LM Dinerman et al, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Med, 149(9):967-72, Sept 1995.]

Only 7% of HIV (AIDS) positive persons voluntarily notify their sexual partners. [New England Journal of Medicine, Jan 9, 1992.]

43% of all unintended pregnancies occurred while using contraception [Alan Guttmacher Inst., Facts in Brief, 1993]

20% of young women who become sexually active become pregnant within the first month of sexual activity. 50% become pregnant within the first six months.

85% of teen pregnancies are unintended [AGI, Facts in Brief, 1993].

Most young mothers will have to raise their child as a single parent.
Although some teens marry, the vast majority of boyfriends leave when the girlfriend has a baby. [CT, Hatcher, 1994]

75% of teens 15-19 are unmarried by the time their pregnancies are resolved. [CT, Hatcher, 1994, p. 572]