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Raising a teenager in the world today can really put your parenting skills to the test. When you consider the complicated problems of the world, problems like readily available drugs, the pressures of premarital sex, the dazzling appeal of riches and fame full of models and suped-up racecars, it's a wonder modern day kids pass through their teen years at all. No one will argue that raising a teenage kid can be very overwhelming in some cases and can often lead to incredible confusion and frustration.

TeensOne of the primary objectives of Project Pledge is to take a serious look at the many sources of teen frustration and show teenagers that there is a wide range of healthy and interesting alternatives available to them that will enrich their lives. Also that there are other teenagers just like them who choose to stand apart from the pack and think on their own two feet.

But we also encourage parents and teachers to get involved in their children's lives armed with the knowledge and the know-how they need to impact their children's lives to the fullest. By working together with our kids, we can offer them healthy and safe opportunities that will assure them that their lives can be as full as the stars in the sky.