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Study Shows that Abstinence Is Reducing Pregnancy and STDs

[This article is reprinted in part courtesy of Arizona Partners for Abstinence Education (APAE)]

TeensPHOENIX - A study released in 2003, conducted by LeCroy & Milligan of Arizona, documents the impact of abstinence education on Arizona teens in reducing sexual behavior that can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. (STDs). The five-year study, which parallels national statistics, found that 95% of youths who were virgins as they entered Arizona abstinence programs remained virgins 13 months later. read hot talk one...

New Study Proves Virginity Pledges Work
[This article is reprinted courtesy of the Abstinence Clearinghouse]

WASHINGTON - A new study released by the Heritage Foundation of Washington, DC proves that teens who pledge to abstain from sexual activity until marriage have "better life outcomes and are far less likely to engage in risky behaviors than non-pledgers." read hot talk article two...

Studies now show that "teen sex" has decreased within the past decade and the number continues to fall
[Reprinted with from MSNBC]

Sioux Falls, SD, Dec. 13 - According to the centers for disease control, the percentage of US high school students having sex fell from 54-percent to 46-percent. read hot talk article three...

Abstinence Until Marriage: The Best Message For Teens
[Reprinted with permission from Family Research Council]

Teens are constantly bombarded with sexually explicit messages in the media. Television shows such as The Real World on MTV, Desperate Housewives and The O.C. regularly feature premarital sex and graphic sexual dialogue, and for the past two years, major networks have aired Victoria Secret's lingerie fashion show during prime time. But surprisingly, despite the media's targeting young audiences with sex-saturated shows, teens prefer the abstinence message. read hot talk article four...